Cleanroom envelope

We build cleanroom envelopes including wall panels, ceilings, doors, windows, interlocking systems, passboxes and more!

Over 30 years of expertise

The pharmaceuticals industry, research sector and healthcare institutions are required to install specific equipment to create controlled environments. For over 30 years, we have specialised in the design, manufacturing and installation of controlled atmosphere premises. Our products meet your needs for a high-performance environment adapted to your specific process and use.

Discover our products:

Wall panels
Emergency exits
Interlocking systems
Passboxes and decontamination airlocks

Cleanrooms, controlled atmosphere areas & contamination control areas

Contamination control areas or cleanrooms are environments with a known cleanliness level and a controlled number and type of contaminants. These areas are composed of:

  • a specific containment or envelope (limited space),
  • an air handling system (filtration, positive or negative air pressure, controlled temperature and humidity),
  • entry / exit procedures for people, materials and equipment.

Quality materials

LSB quickly identified compact HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for the manufacture of its panels. Compact HPL is strong and resistant, does not react with cleaning agents and looks good. It also provides the performance, ergonomics, modularity and longevity required for cleanrooms, sterile and confined areas.

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