Emergency exits

Discover our range of breakable emergency exit windows

Emergency exits for controlled areas are sometimes in direct contact with the outdoors and must be sealed.

We have developed breakable emergency exit windows that break upon impact or in the event of extreme overpressure. They are a fully sealed, easy-to-clean solution for quick evacuation.

Our emergency exit panels are designed around a fixed transparent panel mounted within a frame to create a fully sealed solution. In an emergency, users can break the panel to leave the confined space.

Securit glazing

Securit glass is tempered by thermal treatment to make it more resistant to mechanical and thermal constraints than traditional glass. It is fully resistant to cleaning agents and retains its transparency over time.

A special hammer is installed inside the premises close to the window. In an emergency, users use the hammer to hit the centre of the window hard to break the glass.

Plexiglass glazing

Plexiglass is machined around the edge on its outer side to weaken the material so that it breaks easily without generating dangerous shards. It can also be used as a “fuse” in the event of overpressure in the room.

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