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Cleanroom wall panels are vital components for controlling contamination risks. Our range of compact HPL and metal panels offer everything you need.

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Compact HPL range

We have developed a comprehensive range of compact HPL panels and lining solutions.

Compact HPL provides the performance, ergonomics, modularity and longevity required for cleanrooms, sterile and confined areas.


Our compact HPL panel is a free-standing complex sealed on four sides with aluminium profiles, composed of compact HPL 4 to 6 mm cladding attached to a high-density rock wool (M0) or Styrofoam (M1) core, in line with standard NF T54/324.

The panels integrate flush-mounted technical and functional terminations (power sockets, networks, screens, etc.) for full integrity and guaranteed cleanliness or sterility.

Assembly methods

Panel/floor connection

The aluminium profile provides fully flush connection thanks to the coved flooring (PVC or resin).

Panel/panel connection

Mechanical stability of the panels is provided by an invisible connecting post with enough space for electricity cables.

Lining solutions

LSB also offers compact HPL lining solutions to adapt to the constraints of your premises.

  • Plasterboard structure lining
  • Batten structure lining
  • Fire partition wall lining
  • Lead-lined wall lining
  • Copper-lined wall lining

Other ranges available

LSB also offers a range of free-standing panels with metal cladding and a range of free-standing seal-free continuous-weld panels with acrylic resin cladding, available on request.


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