Airlocks and changing rooms

An airlock is a transit area for incoming and/or outgoing personnel to isolate two different environments. It helps ensure the overall effectiveness of the connected cleanrooms.

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Normative references

Standard ISO 14644-4 recommends separating personnel entering and leaving the cleanroom by an airlock. Personnel can enter and exit at different times or by physically separate entry and exit routes.

Good Manufacturing Practices 2011/8b (LD1, Paragraph 5.1) states that “the use of separate changing rooms for entering and leaving the controlled atmosphere area is sometimes preferable.”

Personnel airlock and changing room

Personnel airlocks are used to control the risks of contamination from personnel flows.

Changing rooms are places where people entering or leaving a cleanroom can change into, or out of, cleanroom apparel.

The term “changing room” generally refers to unclassified rooms whereas “personnel airlock” refers to an area for entering or exiting a controlled environment.

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