Interlocking systems

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Our interlocking systems control access between different zones by authorising or prohibiting the opening of one, two, three or more doors. The PassGuard system lets you manage priorities and time-delays to secure emergency procedures.

This is essential to ensure the proper management and regulation of flows in controlled environments.

PassGuard system

The PassGuard system developed by LSB features a range of touch-screen panels to be installed next to doors, and a range of multi-protocol microcontrollers that can be interconnected in order to extend capacity and/or manage complex configurations.

A software interface can be used to configure the interlocking system, time-delays, decontamination and rinse cycles, access controls, fire detection, power outages and more… through programming functions or a library of systems analyses.

Main advantages

  • Compact automated control cabinets

  • Modify automated controls without changing existing wiring

  • Reliability of RJ45 connection

  • Optional transfer to central surveillance unit

  • Management of air decontamination cycles

  • Cabinet and panels resistant to hydrogen peroxide and chemicals

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