Discover our range of cleanroom glazing

Our glazing solutions are adapted to your needs and constraints, with windows and floor-to-ceiling panels of up to 5 metres in height.

Glazed wall panels

Our wall panels can integrate dual-flush mounted windows or floor-to-ceiling panels.

Glazing is fitted between an apron and transom, in an aluminium frame. Standard window dimensions are 1200x1000mm

We offer full-length glazing for floor-to-ceiling glass panels of up to 2500mm in height.

33.2 thick STADIP laminated glass

vitrage LSB
  • occultation vitrage
  • store venitien
  • blackout
  • opacification

Window coverings

We offer various window covering solutions:

  • 25mm aluminium Venetian blinds
    Built-in integral blinds
    Blind slats are opened and closed manually or via remote control
  • Blackout blinds
    Fabric blind built into the window
    For full privacy
  • Switchable privacy glass
    Electric switchable glass solution

Door oculi

Our door oculi are dual-flush windows incorporated into the door.

Format: rectangular or square

Standard dimensions: 450 x 450 mm

33.2 STADIP glass

  • portes-salle-blanche-LSB
  • salle propre

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Wall panels
Emergency exits
Interlocking systems
Passboxes and decontamination airlocks

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