Passboxes and decontamination airlocks

Discover our passboxes and decontamination airlocks

Passboxes are used to transfer equipment between two zones with different cleanliness levels or classifications. We offer two types of passboxes (simple passbox or ventilated passbox) and decontamination airlocks.

Simple passbox

  • Dimensions: 400/600/800 mm

  • Material: compact HPL

  • 2 interlocked doors

  • Dual-flush oculus

  • Decontaminable and resistant to H2O2 agents

Ventilated passbox

  • Positive or negative air pressure

  • ISO8 to ISO5, D – C – B and/or A classified depending on the dimensions, with HEPA H14 filters, injection system, pressure drains

Decontamination airlocks

  • H2O2 decontamination airlocks

  • Inflatable seal doors

  • Interlocking system

  • Touchscreen controlled cycles

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